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Running & Managing a fleet is never easy. We understand what it takes to keep your cost down. Book now to get your ultimate engine detox and see how you can save up to 40% on fuel & and repair bills.



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Running & Managing a fleet is never easy. We understand what it takes to keep your cost down. Book now to get your ultimate engine detox and see how you can save up to 40% on fuel & and repair bills.


Engine Carbon Cleaning

Hello, and welcome to Engine Carbon Clean, now servicing Qld & NSW!

We help vehicle owners to save money on preventable repair bills, fuel usage and restore performance by targeting carbon build up and protecting the fuel systems of their vehicles by using custom maintenance strategies unique to them, that way they have the confidence knowing they’re fully protected.

We aim to bridge the maintenance gap so you can get the best out of your vehicles. We are passionate about being there for vehicle owners so they do not suffer financially from preventable outcomes.

𝘼 π™‹π™„π™‰π˜Ύπ™ƒ π™Šπ™ π™‹π™π™€π™‘π™€π™‰π™π™„π™Šπ™‰ π™„π™Ž π™’π™Šπ™π™π™ƒ 𝘼 π™‹π™Šπ™π™‰π˜Ώ π™Šπ™ π˜Ύπ™π™π™€!

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The Ultimate Engine Detox

Is your vehicle experiencing any of these symptoms?

All of the above can be a result of excessive carbon build up and our mobile service could help. We believe vehicle owners must use all of the methods at their disposal to protect their assets by maintaining efficiency and reliability. Lack of implementing insufficient strategies will result in loss of income so we provide key services to remove this burden.

Help us to help you with the best Engine Carbon Solutions. If you would like to get exclusive promotions / discounts on our latest products, please submit your details here.


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We cover all kinds of commercial fleet carbon cleaning services. From vans to trucks we have got your covered.

𝗣π—₯π—œπ—©π—”π—§π—˜ π—©π—˜π—›π—œπ—–π—Ÿπ—˜ 𝗒π—ͺπ—‘π—˜π—₯𝗦

We protect your vehicle so you don’t have to experience costly and inconvenient breakdowns that could have been prevented.

Mercedes engine bay with twin air intake.

Based on 29 reviews
Tim L
Tim L
2 January 2024
Chris has cleaned our car's engine recently. It was an immediate improvement to the car's fuel efficiency, gear shift, even reduced turbo lag. Top serviceand very detailed explanation. I would highly recommend Chris and his service.
Aaron Harris
Aaron Harris
4 February 2023
Chris came an done a carbon clean on my 2015 d-max results are amazing car was idling a bit rough immediately noticed after clean car was running totally different smoother power gear changes smoother love your work chis! will be seeing you again. And if your ever looking at expanding your business Chris I’d love to get into something like that interests me a lot. Great job mate I’ll be recommending you to everyone cheers 🍻
Grant Moss
Grant Moss
17 November 2022
Did the carbon clean , car is more responsive and gear changes are more thorough not holding a gears too long , And no flat spots Or lag Will be using again to maintain car health awesome work
Nephfirst Araneta
Nephfirst Araneta
8 October 2022
Chris performed a Carbon Clean on my car, customer service was fantastic and great results. I’ll definitely be recommending him to all my friends!
Doug Burt
Doug Burt
23 September 2022
If you are like me and see the add for carbon cleaning poping up in your news feed and your thinking dose this work? Should I get Chris out? Simple answer is yes! You definitely should very well priced and convenient comes out to you. Chris is very friendly and well mannered. Hey was very quick to get the car started, after the car was completed he didn't stop there he let me know being a dpf car to keep it running and take for a drive so the dpf filter can blow all the carbon build up out, as soon as I took it for a drive I felt it was more responsive on the fun pedal and at highway speeds notice fuel usage down to 9.3l per 100 wheres yous to be 9.9 l per 100. Couldn't recommend more
10 September 2022
My car was starting to feel a bit sluggish and was getting issues that was starting to cost me more and more and now that I have had it carbon cleaned and the new filters added the difference in power is amazing, the car itself having these additions will be a lot more reliable than it has been in the past and I am very satisfied with the service that was provided
Zac Smith
Zac Smith
9 September 2022
Could not recommend Chris highly enough. Quality parts, installation and was happy to answer any questions. The whole process was easy and he was great to deal with. I will be a repeat customer thats for sure.
Josh Bennett
Josh Bennett
28 June 2022
Great work! Great service and advice very prompt! Noticeable difference in responsiveness and acceleration πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Shannon Wilkinson
Shannon Wilkinson
29 April 2022
professional workmanship, smooth transaction and a healthy running vehicle. i wont use anyone els now. thankyou!
Andrew Shaw
Andrew Shaw
4 April 2022
I had the complete package done on MUX I’m very happy with the result.

We have got you covered

Our products

Our service uses hydrogen technology to help remove the carbon build-up from petrol, diesel and LPG engines, with no dismantling of parts or the use of harmful chemicals. It’s quick, safe and a totally green product.

Combine with our Provent Oil Catch Can ,Fuel Manager pre-filter and Throttle Controller installations for the ultimate engine protection.

What is blow by, mechanic in engine.

Ultimate Engine Detox

We service cars, 4x4s, trucks, buses, boats, plant machinery and excavators. Basically any internal combustion engine.

Fuel Manager Pre-filter installed into Nissan Navara NP300 engine.

Fuel Manager Pre-Filter

Fuel Manager Pre-Filter protects diesel engines against costly injector failure by removing the majority of water and particle contamination.


ProVent 200 /150 Oil Catch Can

The ProVent oil catch can protects your engine by filtering out the oil & fuel vapours that recirculate it, preventing carbon build up whilst stopping oil from entering the turbo & intercooler.

EVC Throttle Controller

The Throttle Controllers have several driving modes, each with customized settings that gives the driver the ability to finely tune their vehicle’s accelerator to suit their personal driving preferences.

Happy Cars, Happy Clients


β€œHighly recommend, very professional company that completed carbon cleans on all of our fleets. Chris explained everything to our fleet manager and did the extensive work without any issues. Superb work”

Dennis Burke
“Excellent results and a well-organised mechanic that arrived on time with prompt and courteous service. The car has been a tow vehicle for ten years on a daily basis. Smooth running and more responsive under load after the carbon clean. Lower exhaust gas temperatures on average, particularly hill climbs!
Tyler Garza

” I’d like to thank Chris for coming out to do a carbon clean and catch can instalment on my Pajero. Felt a huge difference in driving today, smoother, better fuel economy & faster acceleration response. Totally recommend!! “

Carl Greene

” Got my petrol CX-5 carbon cleaned. It has better pick-up off the line and needs less throttle to get the same acceleration up hills or for overtaking. Great service.. “

Rose Galler
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